Clinical Exam Preparation Course


  • During the 2 day Clinical Exam, participants will be evaluated on their performance of dental procedures on simulated patients (manikins) in a clinical setting.
  • In order to participate in the Clinical Exam, individuals must have received a minimum test equated score of 75 or higher on the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge.
  • It is not a requirement to successfully complete the Clinical Exam to register for the Judgement Exam. The Clinical Exam and the Judgement Exam may be taken concurrently.
  • Participants have the privilege of taking the Clinical Exam three (3) times.
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  • Clinical Exam is the toughest exam out of all the exams of Canadian Dental Exam equivalency process. Minute details are carefully observed. Success is ensured only upon precise tooth preparations and realistic restorations. This training program focuses attention on reaching to ideal preparations and attaining life-like restorations.
  • The program is designed by highly experienced and professional faculties to allow participants build their knowledge base, sharpen skills and hone professional competency to obtain dental license for North America.
  • The program design will consist of following modules that provide participants in depth exposure to procedures to be performed by examinee during Canadian Dental Exam


  • Demonstrations of each exercise on specific teeth
  • Work evaluation by instructor
  • 24×7 access to state of art training centre
  • Mock exams with evaluation
  • Master tricks to handle the complications


  • 1 month ( 12 sessions )
  • 2 months ( 20 sessions )
  • 4 months ( 32 sessions )


  • January & July (Every year)


  • 1 month ( 12 sessions ) 4350 CAD + Taxes
  • 2 months ( 20 sessions ) 4850 CAD + Taxes
  • 4 months ( 32 sessions ) 6750 CAD + Taxes

* Additional sessions with instructors are available at different fees.


Dr. Mehrnoush Ghobadi
DDS, Msc

Clinical Exam Instructor

Dr. Ramesh Agrawal
Clinical and Judgement Exam Instructor

MDS Orthodontia (India)

Dr. Sonika Kaur
Clinical Exam Instructor
Dr. Najmeh Alishavandi
Dr. Najmeh Alishavandi

Clinical Exam Instructor

Note:  Course availability, details and fees varies country wise, for further details please contact us.
Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis. Spaces available may be limited.

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