Preparatory Course for the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)


A three day course with two licensed dentists prepares candidates for the examination by teaching proven strategies to approach, to analyse and to answer questions for the OSCE.

The first day introduces candidates to the nature, structure and expectations of the OSCE examination, followed by proven test-taking strategies. The second and third day of the examination consist of mock exams, replicating the actual examination by having candidates rotate through timed stations in the bell-ringer examination style. Each day is completed with an interactive assessment and take-up of the examination questions.

Following completion to the OSCE prep-course, candidates will obtain the strategy, approach and confidence required for the OSCE examination.


  • Duration and dates will be announced soon.

Note:  Course availability, details and fees varies country wise, for further details please contact us.
Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis. Spaces available may be limited.

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