Dr. Wai Chhang Yee

Dr. Wai Chhang Yee was born on September 22nd 1968 in Mumbai, India. He completed his undergraduate dental training from College Of Dental Sciences, Manipal in south India and after practicing in a busy dental office near Mumbai he moved to U.A.E. in 1994 after getting his Ministry of Health he practiced dentistry in Sharjah, U.A.E. for 8 years before applying to immigrate to Canada. Dr. Yee landed in Canada in July of 2004 and he went on to complete his D.D.S. from University of Toronto in 2008 June. During his days at University of Toronto he began mentoring and training foreign trained dentist like himself to get licensed to practice dentistry in Canada and has been very successful at this. He then went on to purchase his first dental practice (Thames general dentistry) in Ingersoll, Ontario Canada in 2008 August along with a friend of his. Meanwhile he continued training and mentoring foreign trained dentist at Dental Simulation Training Centre, in Mississauga, before taking over his second dental practice in Erin Ontario (Erin Dental Care).

He has now decided to start this new dental practice, Dentistry on Confederation, in Mississauga in collaboration with Dr. Akbar Chang and Dental simulation training centre. His objective is to provide quality dental treatment to the citizens of Mississauga, emphasizing on prevention and overall oral care of his clients.

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