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Improving knowledge and sharpening skills to obtain dental license in North America.


Our experience of past 10+ years and sharp skills and knowledge of our mentors made it possible to achieve highest success rate.


Our instructors are licensed dentists who completed their dental education in North America or internationally educated dentists who have successfully completed the equivalency process.


State-of-art manikins exactly like those in exam give real time exam experience


Mock tests at the end of the sessions make students learn the time and stamina management in the 8 hour stretch exam


Mentors spend ample time in teaching and solving queries of students personally in TETE-à-TETE sessions


Currently we have centers in Canada, India and Dubai. Candidates registering for the Full Course can access any of the centers


  • positive review  I highly recommend dstc centre to everyone wishing to clear their ACS exam in first attempt. I am really thankful to Dr. wai chang sir for his precise and accurate guidance which helped me clear this exam. He is the best instructor you can get. He makes every effort to make you understand your mistakes and he is ever energetic and never ever lazy in explaining you or teaching you the correct fundamentals. Because of his guidance I was able to get 11A/A+ and just 1 D in my first acs attempt. Also my wife Dr. Grishma passed her Acs exam in first attempt under guidance of Dr. wai chang sir. coming to management team Mr. Naresh and divya ji , they make every effort to make this journey comfortable. they are there everyday and at all times to help you out and give you much required support and motivation for this exam. Their fun loving nature always kept the stress of this exam to the minimum. I am grateful to both of them for helping me and my wife out in every aspect during this journey at last I would just like to say that it's the best centre for your acs exam

    DrBhavesh Modi Avatar DrBhavesh Modi

    positive review  I'm so pleased with my decision for choosing DSTC for my skills exam. Words can't define the dedication of Dr. Wai Chang has towards his students. His work checks are so through that he can spot your tiniest mistakes in no time. He will make you achieve the perfection as per NDEB criteria. I also want to thank Dr Ramesh for providing tips & tricks to correct the mistakes. Thanks for your continuous support and guidance. The mocks really helped me to evaluate myself and bosted the confidence needed for final exam. I would like to thank Mr.Naresh & Divya ji for their indispensable support and all round help. DSTC has great infrastructure needed to groom oneself as well as learnt a lot from colleagues too. Thanks again 🙂

    DrDeepika Saini Avatar DrDeepika Saini

    positive review  I always felt so blessed that I found my way to join this amazing training center since day 1 of the NDEB equivalency process, and I never had the need to look for any other training center or other courses at anytime during this journey. DSTC whole team was the reason I made it through AFK, ACJ and ACS in one shot. I would like to thank our outstanding instructors- Dr. Vinod and Dr. James Who have the exceptionally thorough knowledge for the AFK which helped me to clear my AFK exam with a good score in a very first attempt. The Management team Nareshji and Divyaji are always been like a family. They provided me with the best of their advices and given their utmost support.Thanks a lot!! I took ACS course (The longest part of equivalency) under Dr. Ravi. He always boost your confidence, challenge you to be better and great at explaining all the criteria/ Demo and work check . He is very precise,approachable, friendly, motivating and simply the best forever. Thank you so much for sharing all your expertise without hesitation. I would highly recommend DSTC to anyone who is still in doubt where to start.

    Dolika Patel Avatar Dolika Patel
  • positive review  First and foremost I would like to thanks Dr. Ravi for all the knowledge and tricks that he shared with all of us which made life much easier for me to pass ACS exam and Mr. Naresh and Mrs. Divya for all the support throughout the course they made sure that we were not working at CENTER but home. They were like an extended family for me at DSTC center. And Dr. Chang for all the support and guidance throughout the course. Dr. Ravi, Dr. Chang and other staff member were very kind and approachable and was always ready to help in any difficulties during the course. I would highly recommend anyone to join DSTC FOR ACS COURSE for sure. There are many good things about this center which can’t be described in word. Thanks once again TEAM DSTC.

    Yahya Jasat Avatar Yahya Jasat

    positive review  I highly recommend DSTC if you want to crack the ACS in first go... I really appreciate management by Naresh Amarnaney and his better half Divyaji... They provided most suitable environment for practice and took care of each and every student... Of course I cant forget good luck sweet made by Divyaji at end of course. And Dr. Ravi is a fabulous instructor without him this result might have not been possible.. His methods, patience towards candidate amd passion toward teaching is remarkable... Highly recommended.... Thank you DSTC...

    Kaushik Patolia Avatar Kaushik Patolia

    positive review  I would like to thanks dr chang, all DSTC staff and management for helping me to pass ACS exam in 1st attempt. Centre has exam simulating environment and good facilities to practice for skill exam. Thanks for giving me supportive environment to pass skill exam.

    Heena Patel Avatar Heena Patel
  • positive review  i wud highly recommend dstc for acs preperation. i wud also like to thank and give huge credit to my mentor chang, naresh and divya for my success. dr chang is an excellent instructor with in depth knowledge of the entire acs process. dr chang gives excellent demonstration of the various exercises and his precision and accuracy in work check is par excellence. dstc has the best infrastructure and equipment for acs. naresh, divya are always there to help the students and to solve their problems. they work tirelessly to make things better for the students and to provide support in the stressful journey of acs. it wud have never possible without their support. lastly i wud like to thank dr simarpreet for his excellent job.

    Sahil Jindal Avatar Sahil Jindal

    positive review  I highly recommend DSTC for ACS course. My mentor, Dr Chang,he is conscientious and diligent with his job. His work check always provides valuable,precise and accurate feedback which helps me a lot. DSTC also offers the best equipments and working atmosphere in Canada. It is an unforgettable journey in my life. Big thanks to Dr Chang, Naresh, Divya and all my friends in DSTC.

    Bo Zhao Avatar Bo Zhao

    positive review  DSTC was a good experience and would definitely recommend the classes to anyone preparing for the NDEB equivalency process. Dr.Chang is an excellent instructor, his knowledge of the exam process and attention to detail is unparalleled. The management is supportive and approachable. All in all a good setup with highly competent instructors.

    Nikhil Lobo Avatar Nikhil Lobo
  • positive review  Best training centre in Canada highly recommended

    Nima Nick Avatar Nima Nick

    positive review  I am very happy that I chose to be part of DSTC for my clinical skills exam. Dr. Wai cheng is great mentor and human being. his way of teaching and evaluating work is as close to ndeb evaluation. He cares a lot about his students and even calls every single student after the day of exam and result. this shows how personally he is involved with students work. The management team at DSTC has provided constant support and motivation when needed. so thank you very much Divya Ji and Naresh Ji for understanding and support when needed. And divya Ji make best homemade sweets? Thank you for your goodluck lunches and sweets. Center itself is very big and includes all facilities. ?

    Kavisha Patel Avatar Kavisha Patel

    positive review  I feel so much proud that I had cleared my Clinical Skill Exam under the shelter of Dr.Wai Chang.He is really a nice human being,great instructor and true supporter.He always know how to get great clinical work from students and he significantly increases his evaluation day by day and at the end he makes you think like his grading system which is sufficient to pass exam.I feel so much lucky to have his guidance throught ACS coaching.He is always energetic during his work check whether its early Morning or late evenings.Big Big Salute to Dr.Chang. The Management team Mr.Naresh and Divya Mam are always been like family.Mr.Naresh has his own Unique Radar System which checks how students are doing and evaluate their performance.Divyaji has nice sense of humour and always supports students.Thanks Divyaji for making homemade sweets for us during coaching, it feels like second home at DSTC.They always make extra schedule for all students so that each one get sufficient time for more practice.Morever,Newly renowated center with real chair gives you simulated experience like real exam. Also Dr.Simarpreet has wonderful knowledge regarding whole clinical skill exam criteria and grading system.His Amalgam evaluation with his helpful tricks helped a lot to make perfect Amalgam restoration. Finally Thank you so much to whole DSTC team towards their efforts and hard work to fulfil my dreams.I highlly reccomends DSTC to all Foreign-trained dentists who wants to pursue their carrier as Dentist in Canada.

    Vishal Rajgor Avatar Vishal Rajgor
  • positive review  Today i am so thankful and grateful that i chose DSTC to exceed my clinical skills.I highly recommend this centre for clinical skills exam, Reason behind that is Excellent knowledge,precise work check and great Instructor Dr Wai Chang with very supportive and helpful management team of Mr Naresh And Divya.I am also thankful to Dr Simar clinical instructor. Dr Chang is very good instructor with full sense of humour and great knowledge of dentistry, he knows skills as well how to implement with students at right time.He is great personality for skills exam. Now the management team of DSTC Mr Naresh and Divya, they both work very hard to help students to make sure that everyone is getting enough time for practice.They will try to find out seats for students out of their regular seat schedule.Centre has lots of real dental chairs so everyone can experience real exam environment.I am pretty sure that you feel like home there because of management team. Overall my experience at this place was so great and definitely recommend for foreign dentists to get guidance to fulfill their goals.

    Abhiraj Patel Avatar Abhiraj Patel

    positive review  Good Working environment. Exam simulating equipment. Dedicated instructor. Good caring management.

    Sandeep Tayal Avatar Sandeep Tayal

    positive review  Higly recommended, I passed my ACS under the guidance of Dr. Wai Chang, he is simply the best instructor in town. I also want to thank Dr Simerpreet & Dr Ramesh for their guidance. Big thanks to Divya and Nareshji for their help.

    Sukhjinder Singh Gill Avatar Sukhjinder Singh Gill

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