Judgement Exam Preparation Course


We offer classroom and online course. 120+ hours of comprehensive and interactive course prepared the candidates to confidently diagnose, analyze, devise a treatment plan and adapt to the changing pattern of the Judgement exam. This is the most deceptive and retrospective course designed to provide the students with the tools required to pass the Judgement exam successfully. Concepts of each dental specialty and sub-discipline are enforced with numerous examples in the form of actual test questions that encourage candidate interaction.


  • The Judgement Exam is a 5 ½ hour assessment with one scheduled 30-minute break. The assessment consists of 120-150 single-answer and multi-answer multiple choice type questions.
  • Each section of the Judgement Exam will contain case-based diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical decision making questions, and radiographic interpretation questions. Both question types will be found throughout the Assessment.
  • For more details, please visit https://ndeb-bned.ca/en/non-accredited/clinical-judgement
  • To view your profile or register for an Assessment Click here.


  • 10 eight hour lectures covering all the 12 topics of the exam
  • 4 full mock exams (Each exam has 2 booklets of 60 questions each)
  • 4 mock exam discussion sessions providing individual attention to each student
  • A new 300+ pages subject/topic based booklet (PREPSURE – covering everything needed to clear the exam)
  • A new practice booklet (PREPSURE TEST) with 100+ variety of case questions, 100+ X-rays to strengthen your judgement
  • Access to our personalized instructor moderated WhatsApp group to discuss plethora of case and radiographs over the period of 10 weeks


  • 12 days over the course of 3 months, including full-length mock exams with discussion


  • March & September  (Every year)


  • Classroom / Online – 2825 CAD + Tax


Dr. Saurabh Jha
MDS Periodontist (India), DDS

Judgement Exam Instructor

Dr. Rushik Dhaduk
B.D.S., D.D.S.

Clinical & Judgement Online Exam Instructor (Calgary)

Dr. Ramesh Agrawal
Clinical and Judgement Exam Instructor

MDS Orthodontia (India)

Note:  Course availability, details and fees varies country wise, for further details please contact us.
Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis. Spaces available may be limited.

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