Dental Simulation Training Centre
Preparatory Dental Interview Course for Canadian Universities
Exam Details
  • A two-day course with a licensed dental surgeon, trained in and familiar with the Canadian Dental Faculties admission process.
  • The first day focuses on the structure of the interview for each Canadian Dental Faculty, including the code of dress and conduct, as well as the strategies to answer the tricky interview questions. It will be filled by the second day of mock interview where instructor will be the interviewer and the candidate will appear in front of him as a candidate.
  • At course completion, candidates will have learned proven strategies to approach, to analyse and to answer any interview question, and overcome the interview process required for successful admission into any Canadian Dental School.
Learn from 2 Experienced and Qualified instructors
  • Approach and answer each question from multiple angles
8+ hours of live, interactive online learning
Handouts of the entire discussion
  • Including 150+ commonly asked interview questions
2 one-on-one mock interview session included in the course
  • Pattern similar to the UWO's interviews
  • Detailed post interview debrief and feedback
  • Flexible time slots available to accommodate your schedule
Additional mock interview sessions available closer to your exam date on request
Close mentoring and guidance available throughout the process
Our Instructors
  • Dr Sagar Rao
    DDS (University of Toronto), MDS
    Interview Course Instructor
  • Dr. Abhishek Madhavan
    DDS (University of Toronto), MDS
    Interview Course Instructor
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